Is Your Business Broadband Secure?

Business broadband is an essential utility for any successful company, but it’s important to make sure that your business broadband is secure to minimise the risk of data loss or the introduction of viruses to your network. Many businesses opt for business broadband routers from recognisable brands because they know they’re getting a product that’s effective and reliable, but the concern with this is that an identified weak spot in one router becomes an identified weak spot in all identical routers, leaving some businesses vulnerable to hacking. What are the best ways to secure your business broadband?


Here are some great tips from our leased line specialists to keep your business broadband safe and secure:

Change Your Default Settings

A business broadband router will often come with default settings that aren’t exactly difficult to figure out. The default administrator login is usually the same for all routers of the same make, while the default WiFi network name and password can normally be found on the box itself! One of your first tasks, when you receive your business broadband router, should be to change these default settings and keep the information secure and limited to essential personnel only, such as managers and the IT team.

Remote or Non-Remote?

Remote working has become very popular in the UK, but while it has many advantages, remote access can increase the vulnerability of your business broadband. Consider whether remote access is really essential for your business to operate, or whether business broadband matters could be successfully managed by the office. Some businesses prefer to limit administrative access to wired connections only and disable remote administration logins so settings can only be accessed from the office itself.

Stay Up-to-Date

Does your business broadband router have the latest firmware installed? These manufacturer-produced updates to business broadband routers are designed to update your router as necessary. Although updates won’t always be security-related, there may be updates pushed in response to recently identified weak spots to ensure that your router always remains well protected. Some routers will automatically check for updates, but on some older models, you may need to perform manual checks.

Monitor Regularly

As we all know, business broadband isn’t just about desktop computers anymore. Portability and flexibility is key to running a successful business, and we’re now seeing employees connecting laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices to business broadband networks. It’s a good idea to maintain an up-to-date list of approved devices within the office, and monitor this list on a regular basis. Always take time to investigate any unknown devices attached to the network to prevent questionable connections.

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