Are You ‘Digitally Engaged’?

The Government’s Small Business Survey reports that 83 percent of British companies claim to be ‘digitally engaged’, and yet the majority still don’t offer their products or services online. The survey states that 69 percent of businesses do not operate their own ecommerce website, despite a rapidly growing demand for digital sales. So what’s deterring businesses from further advancing and developing? Complexity? Selling online is actually much simpler than many businesses may think!

To successfully sell products and services online, businesses only really need two things: a fast and reliable business broadband service, and an easy to use, integrated ecommerce solution.


Business Broadband

Why is business broadband essential for ecommerce? Because it’s the backbone of online selling. A fast and reliable business broadband connection ensures that product information can be uploaded quickly, that transactions are processed efficiently and effectively, and that communications with customers and suppliers are simple and stressfree. But business broadband also plays another role: marketing.

Marketing and promotion are both vital for improving brand awareness and boosting sales and profits, and digital campaigns are proving to be hugely beneficial for growing businesses. But digital campaigns are no longer confined to older methods such as email marketing. Today, rich media and real time campaigns are being utilised to win over consumers, both requiring fast business broadband speeds.

UK companies keen to venture into the world of ecommerce should really be looking at fibre connections, if available in their area, with speeds of 70 Mbps or more. Larger companies with bigger marketing campaigns may even wish to look into leased lines. The good news is that a fast, reliable connection doesn’t need to be expense. Compare business broadband, online to find the best deals.

Integrated Ecommerce

According to the Small Business report, of those businesses that do sell online, many are choosing to use third party platforms such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace. While this is a good step towards a dedicated ecommerce website, there are a number of online solutions available that enable businesses to sell directly, boosting reputation and helping to build important relationships with consumers.

Getting Started

Getting started on your very own ecommerce website to sell your products and services is very simple. It’s all about comparing providers to find the very best deal to ensure ecommerce will be a cost effective endeavour for your business. Compare business broadband deals to find the right price, right speed, and right service plan for you, and compare merchant services, too. Merchant servicesare an essential part of ecommerce, handling all financial transactions quickly and securely on your behalf. What could be easier?

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