Building a Healthy Small Enterprise Culture

Looking back just a few years ago, it was the large, multi-national corporations that dominated the business world in the UK, but things are changing. We can easily see how smaller companies are gaining more popularity by looking at the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, who owned a 99.8 percent market share 5 years ago, which has quickly dwindled to a much lower 92.4 percent. We’ve even seen studies which show a 16 percent increase in employees opting to work for smaller firms, many of whom have made the move from larger businesses in the hopes of working for ‘small but beautiful’ growing enterprises.

Employing professionals with real world experience working for some of the country’s biggest firms can be a great way to expedite growth and development, and ensure your business has the talent it needs to take it further and reach its potential. But how can you build a successful and healthy small enterprise culture that proves to be an attractive option for skilled workers who are accustomed to bigger things?


The good news is that it’s easier than you may think to provide a suitable alternative to corporation culture. Here are some of the best ways to ensure you’re attracting the best talents in your region:

Focus on Business Broadband
Many larger businesses today are making the switch to leased lines, which provide an uncontended, dedicated internet connection. While these connections are often the best choice – technically speaking – for businesses, you don’t need to go over budget to ensure you’re offering a connection that’s similar in terms of speed and reliability to what your potential new employees are accustomed to. Instead, take a look at your existing business broadband service, and compare business broadband online to see if you could be receiving a better service from a different provider for a price that suits you and your budget.

Create Your Story
A common problem experienced by many new startups is that they don’t have their ‘story’. A ‘story’, in the business sense of the word, is what attracts new employees to the business. Think ‘why?’: why the company was launched, why people love working there, why you’re passionate about what you do, why you’re determined to reach your goals. Work to establish your business. Imagine you’ve switched your business broadband supplier, for example. You could add this to your story, demonstrating how you take action when you find that your existing business services are not facilitating further development.

Be Flexible
Flexible working has almost become the norm for larger businesses, especially for government and other publically-funded corporations. It is now a worker’s right in the UK to request flexible working, and while this is often more difficult for smaller businesses, it can be achieved. Ensure you have a good business broadband package and secure network that enables employees to easily work from home, the coffee shop, a coworking space, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Having a good business broadband package also makes it easier to use communication tools, like voIP, to keep in touch.

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