Advantages of Brexit? Business Broadband!

Although things are finally starting to lighten up once more, we can’t deny that the media has been very ‘doom and gloom’ over the past few weeks, detailing all the negative effects we can expect as a result of Britain leaving the European Union. However, as we move on from the referendum, we are starting to see some of the advantages come to light, particularly for small businesses operating within the UK.

There’s been a major shakeup in the Cabinet Office lately, and while we’ve been inundated with news about the ministerial positions, we’ve not heard much about changes to other positions within the office. One change is the appointment of Emma Jones MBE as Small Business Crown Representative.


In her new role, Jones, who is already known for her work with Enterprise Nation and StartUp Britain, will aim to improve access to high profile Government contracts for smaller companies. In doing so, Jones is expected to address some of the most prominent issues that are currently preventing businesses from tendering for these contracts; most notably business broadband that doesn’t meet their needs.

Business Broadband Changes

As we’re still in very early days, it’s unknown what changes to business broadband we can expect from this new appointment. However, Ben Gummer, Minister for the Cabinet Office, states that they’ve already ‘made a manifesto commitment that £1 in every £3 of government procurement spending should go to SMEs by 2020’. This could mean the introduction of new business broadband schemes to help with the costs of installing an optimal line, or help in locating the best business broadband deals.

Here are just some of the ways that small enterprises can help minimise business broadband costs:

● Keep an eye out for any schemes or programmes launching as a result of the Cabinet appointment of Emma Jones, and the Government’s commitment to small businesses.

● Never pay above and beyond for a business broadband package that suits you. Compare business broadband online to make sure you’re always getting the best deals around.

● Assess your needs carefully. Does your business really need a 10 Gbps line? It’s good to future-proof your business, but keep things realistic, and don’t pay for more than you need.

Good News for Businesses

Regardless of whether you voted to leave, or to remain, there has been at least one positive outcome from the referendum, and that’s the shakeup in the Cabinet which has created new roles for people like Emma Jones MBE who being given an opportunity to let small businesses’ voices finally be heard.

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