When a 10 MB Leased Line Just Isn’t Enough…


More and more businesses in the UK are opting for 100 MB leased lines, which provide a 100 MBPS upload speed and a 100 MBPS download speed simultaneously using a symmetrical connection. Many businesses are beginning to ask ‘what’s wrong with a 10 MB leased line?’. The answer, of course, is that there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with a 10 MB leased line. In fact, thanks to the uncontended, dedicated connection, this can have a very positive impact upon business productivity and communications. But due to changes in the way we work, sometimes a 10 MB leased line just simply isn’t enough.


Here are just a few of the reasons why 100 MB leased lines are becoming increasingly popular in the UK:

Need for Greater Bandwidth: We’re seeing the need for greater bandwidth appear for two distinct reasons. Firstly, the use of rich media is rapidly rising due to the benefits it brings, such as its vital role in improving conversion rates. Secondly, as businesses strive to become more flexible, personal use of business internet is on the rise.

Increased Traffic: Flexible working is slowly becoming the norm in the UK, and today many employees are working from home, either on a full time or part time basis. This is significantly increasing traffic from external locations to the employee’s office computer, which can impact leased lines as part of a corporate WAN.

Shift to SIP Trunking: While SIP got off to a bit of a rough start in terms of reliability, today it is often the preferred choice of the more traditional ISDN. There has been a definite trend for companies to opt for a higher bandwidth leased line, like a 100 MB leased line, to run SIP trunking and get rid of an existing ISDN line.

Who Should Get a 100 MB Leased Line?

One of the most appealing aspects of leased lines is that a business is able to select the upload and download speed that works best for them. Not all businesses, especially smaller businesses, will require a 100 MB leased line, but it can prove to be the most effective solution for many types of business. BT claim that their 100 MB leased lines are particularly suited to the hospitality sector, for example, such as hotels that not only require a reliable internet connection for taking bookings, but also to provide a high quality internet service for their customers, many of whom will be accessing the web at the same time.

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