Streaming Media: One of Technology’s Biggest Comebacks

Remember those early days of ‘the internet’? Those days of attempting to stream a very short video on a 56kbps connection and sitting by for hours while it buffered? It’s not surprising that streaming media got a bit of a bad reputation back in the day, and why downloading content fast became the preferred option once we had access to better internet speeds of 2mbps, 8mbps, and, for the lucky ones, even 10mbps!

Downloading content directly to the computer for viewing anytime, anywhere, was very much the ‘next big thing’, but today that’s all fizzled out a bit. In fact, streaming media has made a massive comeback, but why? And how? Why are we more likely to stream content today rather than downloading it?

● Mobility

Gone are the days of the 9-5 office. Today, we’re always on the move, and we always need to be connected, so we need devices that move with us. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are a massive part of modern business operations, but while they’re mobile, they’re not exactly famous for their storage. Mobile devices simply don’t have the storage capacity for downloading large media files, which has made many businesses turn to streaming media, getting rid of the need to download.

● Availability

The availability of downloadable content is also something that needs to be taken into consideration. Big names in the technology world are all trying their hand at streaming media these days, including Adobe, Amazon, Apple, the BBC, and so on, not forgetting, of course, Netflix, YouTube, and other on-demand services like 4OD. Due to this significant shift in technology trends, it is now necessary, in many cases, to stream media if we want to view the content. For some content, downloading simply isn’t an option.

● Speed

Of course, the biggest reason for businesses switching to streaming media from downloadable content is simply because they can! The widespread introduction of leased lines in the UK, with download speeds of up to 10gbps, means that media can be streamed quickly, easily, and, most importantly, smoothly. Streaming is arguably more efficient than downloading, and these leased line speeds allow us this flexibility to stream, freeing up internal resources and providing more opportunity for productivity.

Leased Lines for Streaming Media

Installing a leased line is one of the best ways to ensure your download speeds are fast enough – and reliable enough – to stream media effectively and efficiently. Streaming media is considered to be an essential aspect of future business relevancy, enabling companies to make the most of the hottest technology trends, including sharing live events, hosting interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, product creation information, Q&A sessions, and even streaming training sessions. Streaming media is back, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. It’s time to embrace it, and really make the most of streaming.

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