8 Fantastic Stats About Leased Lines Speed



The speeds which your business relies on for the Internet and its private networks can play a big part in its success. A leased line can pay particular dividends for keeping those speeds high on your premises – but, until you have read the following facts, you might not have realised the degree to which this kind of connection can help smooth your corporate operations.

1. A leased line can be installed quickly

Once you have decided to have a leased line put into place, you might not have to wait long before it is. BT offers BTnet Quick Connect, whereby BT will install a low-cost EFM back-up service which you can use while you wait for the main service to be installed.

2. You can confidently predict a leased line’s speed

As a leased line will effectively give your business its own pipe, your company won’t be sharing that pipe with any other. Hence, you can more easily predict how speedy that line will be at particular times.

3. Identical download and upload speeds are possible

What has been called “symmetric download and upload speeds” are available from BT. This means that, whether you download or upload data, the speed at which you are able to do so will be the same.

4. Ultra-low latency is also possible

When using applications in VoIP and financial trading, every millisecond could affect how well your firm fares. Fortunately, a latency of under 20ms, as measured from one core UK node to another, is guaranteed with each BTnet Leased Line product.

5. Faults can be fixed within just a few hours

Should something go wrong with a leased line, you could be pleasantly surprised by how quickly the issue is addressed. For example, were you to have a BTnet Leased Line, BT would aim at fixing a fault with it no later than 5 to 7 hours after you have reported it.

6. Your staff can more quickly communicate between sites

If your business has sites or campuses that are geographically scattered, a leased line can be used for communicating between sites, as one-stop click notes. This could help to reduce delay with which different parts of your business can interact.

7. Leased lines are available at many different speeds

If your business is indeed interested in using a leased line for faster communication between separate sites or networks, then it can choose between 10MB, 100MB and 1,000MB speeds for Ethernet presentation through a leased line.

For an Internet leased line, it can opt for speed as low as 64Kb/s or choose a package with a higher leased line cost. These lines are available in speeds rising by increments of 64Kb/s up to 2.048Mb/s through a channelized E1 tail circuit. Available speeds range from 2.048Mb/s to 34.368Mb/s over channelized E3 tail circuits.

8. We can help you to find a leased line of the desired speed

Your company might have specific requirements for speed in its leased line. However, our comparison service can assist you in finding a leased line package enabling the speed you need, just complete the form on the right-hand side and we will get back to you with a quote!

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