It’s Official: The Internet is Better Than Chocolate!

Think about your day-to-day life. What essentials couldn’t you live without? Chocolate? Alcohol? Sex? Well apparently you can! The public have spoken, and believe it or not, the most devastating loss to daily life wouldn’t be any of these things… it would be the internet! A new report by California-based global mobile connectivity company iPass Inc. shows that a whopping 40 percent of us claim we wouldn’t be able to function without the internet, while only 37 percent would wither without a bit of hanky panky, 14 percent without our favourite chocolate bar, and 9 percent wouldn’t be able to cope without alcohol.

On the surface, the internet may seem quite trivial, but it’s fast become a necessity, both domestically and within a business setting. Without a business broadband connection, you wouldn’t be able to:

● Sell products or services through an ecommerce website, or through third party online sellers

● Communicate digitally with customers, suppliers, investors, or employees

● Market the brand through digital channels such as social media platforms

● Update customers through regular email correspondence

● Maintain files and data in a safe and secure place, such as ‘the cloud’

● Carry out conference meetings with clients or off site personnel

● Learn, educate, motivate, and inspire through business-oriented videos

…. And more!

What’s Your Backup Plan?

If your business broadband was to fail today, where would you be? What would you do? How would you recover? Chocolate, alcohol, and sex…. We can cope. Internet? Not so much. That’s why businesses are being urged to really consider how much they rely upon a solid connection for day-to-day operations, and ensure that their existing service is adequate enough, and reliable enough, to meet their needs.

This high dependency on business broadband is one of the primary reasons why so many companies in the UK today are switching to leased lines, which offer a dedicated connection between a business and the internet service provider (ISP), significantly reducing the risk of faults and downtime. There’s a few extra advantages of a leased line, too, like symmetrical upload and download speeds, and low latency.

Switching to a Leased Line

If you’re a part of the 40 percent who couldn’t cope without an internet connection, then now might be a good time to ‘future proof’ your business and consider having a leased line installed. Leased lines are now more affordable than ever before, and at Leased Line Comparison, we’ll help you find a great rate!

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