Is a Leased Line Suitable for the Home?

There’s no denying that the super fast, super reliable leased lines of today are primarily designed for businesses, but do they have a place in the home, too? Well, that’s a question that’s not quite as simple to answer as it seems. On the surface, it’s easy to say that a leased line for the home is ‘overkill’; that even bandwidth-eating services like Netflix can work well even with a standard ADSL connection. However, if we delve a little deeper, we can see that the way we use internet at home is changing.

Working From Home

Broadband has succeeded in creating an ‘always on’ culture. Now, this is certainly a very controversial debate, but let’s gloss over that right now; love it or hate it, the ‘always on’ culture is what we have. This culture means that more than half of us now check work emails at home, lengthening the average work day and expanding it beyond the confines of the office. And despite the average employee working from home just 4 days per month, they’d opt for this more frequently if they had the technology to do so.

You’re Only as Fast as Your Internet

If there’s a place you want to work quickly, it’s at home. Overtime away from the office is not a time when you want to be waiting around for email synchronisation or buffering. However, you can only work as fast your internet allows, which does beg the question ‘is a leased line suitable for the home?’. Speedwise, a domestic leased line probably isn’t a requirement, but as we know a leased line isn’t just about speed; a leased line is about reliability, which is something domestic broadband is severely lacking.

Domestic Leased Lines

Choosing to install a domestic leased line is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and it isn’t a solution that would suit all home workers. However, businesses that do permit home working for essential members of staff who are integral to day-to-day operations may wish to consider such an approach to connectivity in the future, providing employees the with tools and the technology they need in order to maintain a high level of productivity and reliability outside of the work place. Fortunately, leased lines have never been so affordable, and you can find great rates at Leased Line Comparison.

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