Leased Lines for Small Businesses

Although leased lines are becoming increasingly popular among UK businesses, there is still very much a definite misconception that these dedicated connections are only beneficial and cost effective for larger companies. We’re here to tell you why a leased line could be make-or-break for a small business.

So let’s look at the facts…

● The widespread availability of leased line ‘alternatives’ just isn’t happening in the business world. In fact, reports show that while 83 percent of residential properties in the UK has access to superfast fibre broadband, these services are only offered to 68 percent of small businesses. This leaves SMEs with two choices: standard business broadband that is unlikely to tick all the boxes, or dedicated leased lines which help to ensure smooth operations and communications.

● Due to a rise in technologies such as ‘cloud’ computing and voIP services which are becoming essential within the workplace, speed has never been more important. And it’s not just download speeds, but upload speeds, too. Ofcom reports that around 20 percent of small businesses are unhappy with the speeds they receive (which are often different to the speeds they were promised by their provider), leaving symmetrical leased lines a top choice for SMEs.

● A small business relies upon the consistent and continued productivity of its employees for success and profitability, perhaps slightly more so than huge corporations that already have an established support network. Consider that a poor internet connection costs each employee an average of 15 minutes productivity per day, according to Virgin Media Business. At 30 employees, that’s 37.5 hours per working week down the drain. Is it really worth it?

Leased lines are not just for large companies. In fact, they can provide significant benefits to smaller businesses, too, including a more reliable connection, faster, guaranteed speeds, and improved communications both internally and externally. While the available budget of a smaller business may not be as great as that for a large corporation, leased lines can actually be very affordable and, more importantly, very cost effective, especially when you shop around and compare deals and prices.

At Leased Line Comparison, we’re committed to finding you the best deal around, so we do all the hard work for you. We compare major UK providers of leased lines in your area, finding you rates that you just can’t say no to. So get in touch today and let us help you improve your connection.

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