Leased Lines Essential for voIP Communications

voIP services such as Skype are fast becoming essential for everyday business operations. Consider that there are more than 300 million Skype users all around the world, and that many businesses now rely upon real time communications as part of their internal and external processes. Modern businesses are utilising voIP for a variety of reasons, including the following:

● Around 60 percent of companies conduct job interviews using video services and apps.
● Flexible working agreements mean teams can often be separated geographically.
● voIP minimises costs by reducing the need for travel to/from client sites.
● Skype is often a more cost effective alternative to international phone calls.


voIP is most definitely here to stay, but how can you ensure you’re getting the most from your service. The answer? A cheap leased line. Even Skype themselves recommend that users upgrade from business broadband, stating that it is ‘appropriate to obtain a dedicated internet connection for Skype Connect’.

The good news is that Skype are the first to admit that you don’t need the fastest leased line to get the most from the service. In fact, they recommend a 2Mb cheap leased line, which offers download speeds that are fast enough to receive communications, and upload speeds capable of maintaining streaming. The added advantage of a 2Mb cheap leased line is that this would provide enough bandwidth to support up to 48 concurrent calls, which is ideal for large and growing businesses. To put this into perspective, an 8Mb ADSL connection would only be able to fully support 12 calls at a single time.

Many businesses are already starting to understand the challenges associated with using a substandard connection to try and run the latest communication apps and services, including jittery video and poor sound quality. These problems have the potential to create further issues for businesses, such as portraying a poor image to potential clients and investors, damaging reputation, and creating miscommunications. If your business is committed to incorporating voIP services like Skype into the working environment, then it’s essential to ensure you have a connection that can support this.

There are a number of leased line products available that can upgrade your connection and ensure you have the technology in place to make the most of these vital communication services. Whether you’re looking for a 2Mb cheap leased line, a faster 10Mb leased line, or a top-of-the-range 100Mb leased line, there is a product to suit every business. Contact us for help finding your perfect leased

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