Leased Line Installation: What is ‘Subject to Survey’?

When you compare leased line prices for your business, you may notice that each quote you receive will indicate that the price is ‘subject to survey’. So what exactly does ‘subject to survey’ really mean?

The price that a leased line provider will quote a business will be based on what that provider expects the installation of the leased line equipment to cost in total. This is based upon the information that has been provided. However, during these early stages, a provider will not usually have all the information that they require to give a definite price to the business. That’s why a comprehensive survey will need to be carried out prior to installation.

What is a Leased Line Survey?

Let’s start by answering the question ‘what is a leased line?’. As the name suggests, a leased line is leased. It’s a high capacity data network belonging to a carrier, such as BT Openreach or Virgin Media, for example, that is rented by your leased line provider in order to provide a fast, reliable, and symmetrical service to your premises. A survey determines how much work – if any – needs to be undertaken to connect your business to this network. Work may be internal and external, depending on location.

Leased Line Survey Results: What Do They Mean?

The good news is that most businesses will be located in areas of existing high capacity data networks, which means that in many cases there will be very little construction work, or perhaps even none at all, that needs to be carried out in order to connect the premises. Business located in more rural areas may find that there isn’t a suitable existing network, or that existing networks do not have any more capacity.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. It is still possible to have a leased line installed for your business. Following the survey, your provider will inform you of what construction work would need to be carried out. In order to get your premises connected, will be provided with a quotation for excessive construction charges (ECC). At this point, you can decide whether or not to go ahead with the order.

‘Subject to Survey’

‘Subject to survey’ means that there may be additional ECC charges on top of the quoted installation price, depending on the results of the survey. A provider cannot be 100 percent sure on what works may need to be undertaken at the time of quoting, so this is simply a way to cover themselves should there be any obstacles along the way. However, in many cases, any differences from the quoted price will be negligible, so it’s safe to say that quoted leased line prices are a pretty good representation of total cost.

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