More to Point-to-Point Than Meets the Eye

When we think about leased lines, we tend to think about a dedicated connection between a business premises and a service provider. This type of leased line connection provides fast, reliable, and, most importantly, symmetrical upload and downloads speeds, ensuring businesses have an ‘always on’ connection. However, there is another type of leased line which provides a ‘point to point’ connection.

If you do any sort of research on a point-to-point leased line, the majority of the information you’ll unearth will discuss a dedicated connection between two separate offices. This type of point-to-point leased line tends to get the most publicity because it really is hugely beneficial to businesses. It provides a solid, reliable connection between two or more offices that are separated by geography, so that data can be exchanged just as efficiently and effectively as it can be within a single office environment.

But this isn’t all that a point-to-point leased line can achieve. In fact, a point-to-point leased line is probably much more versatile than you may think. Here’s some other ways it can be utilised:

Site to Private Data Centre

A dedicated connection to your business’ private data centre can help to ensure fast, reliable data transfer (in both directions) between your premises and your servers. This is an especially useful option if you regularly use cloud computing for secure large file storage, and require constant access to the data.

Site to Hosting Centre

Even if you don’t have a private data centre, you can still use a point-to-point leased line to connect to your servers in a rented hosting centre. A dedicated connection here has the advantage that there’s no issue in sharing bandwidth with other users, so data transfer should be remarkably quick and easy.

Site to Client

While this sort of point-to-point leased line connection may not be suitable in all circumstances, it can prove to be hugely beneficial for major long term clients. This is particularly true if employees regularly work remotely from a client’s premises, and require a reliable connection back into the office.

A point-to-point connection is often the long forgotten aspect of a leased line, but when we look at all the different ways that the connection can be utilised, and how the connection can benefit businesses, we see how useful this sort of leased line can really be. It’s an option that’s definitely worth considering.

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