The ISDN Switch Off: How Will it Affect Your Business?

Some of the biggest news in the telecoms world recently came from BT Openreach, who announced that they would be switching off their ISDN networks in 2025. Reports suggest that a whopping 25 percent of businesses don’t know about the ISDN switch off, sparking fears that many companies are not preparing themselves for making a change to a newer technology. Openreach states that existing ISDN customers will automatically be switched to a single IP core network, but is this the best option for your business?


SIP and voIP are considered to be ‘next generation’ voice technologies, and the ISDN phase out presents an excellent opportunity to make the switch to these sorts of alternatives. Reports show that SIP is one of the fastest growing voice technologies, with a growth rate of 25 percent each year as more and more businesses seek out faster, more reliable, and more cost effective ways to transfer their voice data.

Preparing for the ISDN Switch Off

Businesses should be aware that there’s two stages to preparing for the switch off. Firstly, it’s important to decide what you’ll replace your ISDN network with; whether you’ll opt for a single IP core network, or whether you’ll take the opportunity to carry your voice data through your internet connection with voIP which would open up doors to a number of communication improvements, such as video conferencing.

Secondly, if you decide to go down the voIP route, you’ll need to ensure that you have the technology to do so. In many cases, a basic business broadband connection won’t be enough to adequately handle voice traffic; at least not in a way that won’t cause frustration and confusion. Business may wish to look into installing a leased line, which is currently the fastest and most reliable connectivity option in the UK.

Will You Be Affected by the Switch Off?

Statistics show that there are currently 3.2 million active ISDN networks in the UK, which means that there is a large number of businesses who will be affected by the decision of BT Openreach. While 2025 may be a few years away, now is the time to start researching your options, and undertaking any necessary changes required to ensure you’re in a position to be able to fully utilise SIP and voIP, such as installing a leased line, for example, which provides a faster, more reliable service for your voice traffic.

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