How Ethernet First Mile can change your speed

How Ethernet First Mile can change your speed

EFM is a data connectivity service that uses copper wiring to transfer internet signals, rather than the standard fibre optic choice that is used by many homes and businesses throughout the UK. It’s a leased line service, and it’s often described as one of the highest quality connectivity types in the country.

What speeds can I expect from EFM?

A good internet connection is vital in business. Not only does it provide your employees with a reliable platform to work on, but it could also increase their morale because they will not have to contend with connectivity issues on top of a demanding workload.

Using a standard SDSL line, the average download speed that some homes could enjoy this year was 28.9Mbps. However, with an EFM line, businesses could enjoy internet speeds of up to 35Mbps. Just think how much work you could be able to get through with the help of these enhanced speeds.

The reason why EFM connections are superior when compared to domestic lines lies in the construction of the network. The copper lines come in bonded pairs, and this helps to keep your service up and running. If one pair fails, then the other will still be able to function. Sometimes, up to eight of these pairs can be used to provide an ultra-resilient, super-fast connection.

What can EFM connections be used for?

EFM connections are sure to provide you with the kind of versatility that just cannot be matched by a domestic connection. The speeds that you get with this method are symmetrical – meaning the upload speeds match your download speeds. This reliability means that you can carry out video calling and large data transfers with ease – even during peak browsing times.

The leased line nature of this connection means that your business will have full access to the entire network. You will not share it with anyone else, and this is why EFM is great for handling the resource-heavy tasks that we have mentioned above.

What’s more, your EFM connection will come with a Service Level Agreement. The SLA will stipulate the minimum service you can expect to receive, how long your provider will take to correct any issues and what form of compensation you will be due if the service falls below the agreed standards.

This SLA should provide you with the type of peace of mind that is not usually available on normal connections and should help to limit the financial strain that can often be caused when the internet goes down.

Something to consider

Choosing an EFM line can be confusing. Although EFM has been designed to run off copper wiring; it can also operate using fibre. Fibre often provides greater speeds and response times when compared to copper, but copper can usually be installed more quickly – meaning the latter could be the better option if you need a reliable connection as soon as possible.

Here at Leased Line, we compare the prices of the country’s biggest Ethernet Leased Line providers to help you find a package that is both on-budget and suits the current and future goals of your business.

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