EFM: The Cold Hard Facts

If you think that leased lines seem confusing, then just wait until you hear about Ethernet in the first mile (or ‘EFM’ for short). You’re in for a real treat! We’ve heard people say that EFM is the most complex product for businesses wanting to improve their internet connectivity, but we think that’s a load of horse hooey, to be honest. In fact, we think that people make EFM seem more complicated than it really is.

If you want to see just how much confusion there is about EFM, then just do a quick Google search. We guarantee you’ll find all sorts of false information out there, like the provider who says that EFM provides an ‘unparalleled level of connection’ (naming no names, of course!). Now don’t get us wrong, EFM is a fantastic option for businesses, but it’s certainly not ‘top-of- the-range’ that honour goes to leased lines.

So let’s forget everything we think we know about EFM, and go back to the cold hard facts. When you look at the facts alone, without getting caught up in opinion, EFM really doesn’t seem that confusing!

EFM is Private & Uncontended

If you’re fed up of your business broadband becoming spotty and slowing down to a snail’s pace at 9am every morning when everyone starts up for the day, you’ll be pleased to hear that EFM is private and uncontended. The copper pairs that carry your bandwidth between the exchange and your office are used for that purpose only, and for your business only. This means that you’re not having to fight it out with telephone data and the bloke working for the company next door who’s streaming the football!

EFM is Speedy

It sure is! And not only is EFM speedy, but it also promises a symmetrical service, just like a leased line. If you haven’t heard about symmetry in terms of business internet, then listen up. Have you heard that upload speeds are becoming more and more important? Well, they are, and that’s because businesses are using more technologies that eat up those upload speeds, like when you’re using video chat. Whether you choose a 2 Mbps or 20 Mbps EFM connection, you’re guaranteed that speed both ways!

EFM is Cheaper than a Leased Line

Although leased lines and EFM are very similar in what they can provide for a business, you’ll notice when you compare online that there is a pretty notable difference in cost. So why is that? It mostly comes down to how EFM and leased lines deliver your bandwidth. With a leased line, you’re cutting out the middle man, and your business is connected directly to your provider over fibre. With EFM, you’re connected to your nearest exchange using copper pairs, and copper pairs are cheaper than using fibre.

EFM is Widely Available

Think you can’t get an EFM service in your area? Think again! EFM is reportedly available across more than 80 percent of the country, and Talk Talk alone have installed more than 2000 EFM lines! This is great news for businesses who want a quicker and more reliable service. Those of you in more remote locations, we’re sorry. To be frank, it sucks that EFM isn’t available to everyone, but that’s no excuse to put up with shoddy broadband. Check out leased lines instead (they’re faster than EFM, too – yay!).

EFM is NOT the Same as a Leased Line

If you see websites trying to pass off EFM as a leased line, they’re not worth your time. EFM and leased lines aren’t the same, and knowing the difference means you’re able to make the best decision for your business. So what are the differences? Apart from bandwidth delivery, which we’ve looked at, we’ve got to look at speed and SLA, really. Leased lines offer faster speeds than EFM, and typically they’ll fix faults on a leased line a little quicker, too. Leased lines are technically ‘better’, but EFM is a very close second!

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