Changes to BT Leased Line Costs: What it Means for You

BT leased line costs are changing, and these changes are expected to affect many businesses across the UK. Not only will existing BT customers be affected by changes to BT leased line costs, but companies who currently have a leased line contract with many other providers may also notice changes to their bills. Of course, changes to BT leased line costs are also expected to affect businesses who are looking at installing a dedicated, uncontended leased line for the first time. The good news is that these changes are likely to bring significant price drops for ‘most customers’, according to insight from Ofcom.

Changes to BT Leased Line Costs: What it Means for You

Here’s how you may be affected by proposed changes to BT leased line costs:

Existing BT Leased Line Customers
If you already have a leased line contract directly with BT, such as BTnet EFM/GEA or BTnet Ethernet Fibre, you can reasonably expect for your BT leased line costs to drop. Ofcom have imposed tighter regulations on BT charges to ensure that business customers have better access to affordable internet.

Businesses with Leased Lines from Other Providers
Even if your leased line contract is with a provider other than BT, you may still benefit from the proposed price drops. BT Openreach maintain many of the lines that other providers supply connections through, so wholesale changes to BT leased line costs may financially benefit your business.

Prospective Customers
If you’re finding that your existing business broadband connection doesn’t quite meet your current needs, then there’s never been a better time to start looking into installing a dedicated leased line. BT leased line costs are dropping, which means a fast, reliable connection has never been more affordable.

How BT Leased Line Costs are Changing

Wholesale BT leased line costs are expected to drop by around 12 percent, with a consumer price index (CPI) cap of -13.25 percent per year. These changes will occur gradually over the next 3 years, beginning on 1st May 2016. For prospective customers, now is an excellent time to start researching the different leased line products, and different providers, to ensure you’re getting the best rates once the BT leased line cost changes are imposed. Compare leased lines, determine your needs, and find a leased line product that not only meets your business requirements, but also your budget requirements, too.

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