How Business Broadband Can Streamline Your Hiring Processes

Better communications, improved customer service, boosted reputation… we all know the advantages of having a fast and reliable business broadband connection, but what about some of the lesser known benefits? For example, did you know that the right business broadband package could actually help you to streamline your hiring processes, not only ensuring that you find the perfect fit, but also helping you to save time, save money, and free up your all-important internal resources? Well it can! Here’s how:


Find the Perfect Fit

Relying solely upon an applicant-written CV to determine which candidates should – and should not – be invited for interview is a very outdated concept. There’s no structure to these documents, so it’s not an even playing field, and skill alone isn’t enough to make the cut. It’s about finding someone with not only the skill, but also the right personality to enhance your existing business culture. Communication in the very early stages of hiring is essential, and email – which is quick and simple – is the ideal way to to communicate. Consider sending applicants a standardised survey via email and your reliable business broadband connection to narrow down the applicants before getting to the interview stage of hiring.

Meet ‘Face to Face’

Businesses should always meet candidates face to face before hiring, but on-site interviews can be a huge drain on financial resources. While an interview may only last for 30 minutes, we have to take into account the need for a welcome, the need for refreshments, the need for a meeting room, and so on. The setup and preparation for an interview can take as long as the interview itself! Fast business broadband means that businesses can instead use voIP services like Skype to conduct their interviews online, with minimal setup time and the ability for any member of staff to join the conversation from wherever they are. Video interviews can help save time, and can really help to keep costs down, too.

Test their Skills

The days of the 9-5 are gone. The days of having your own office, or your own desk, with framed pictures of your kids is gone. Flexible working – whether that means working from home, working from ‘hot desks’, or working variable hours – has fast become the ‘norm’ for UK businesses, so much so that the Government have imposed new guidelines stating that businesses must consider all applications for flexible working patterns from employees. Business broadband is the ideal way to ensure your future employees have what it takes to work remotely. Consider offering paid, remote tasks for potential new hires, seeing how they cope working away from the team, and ensuring they use their initiative.

Business broadband is very underappreciated, and many businesses simply don’t realise just how many aspects of company management it can benefit. The way we work – and the way we hire – is changing, and technology such as fast, reliable business broadband is making it easier to find the perfect fit.

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