Who are the Best Business Broadband Providers?

Last month, one of the country’s biggest technology news websites, TechRadar, released their list of UK business broadband providers offering the very best deals for companies looking for speed and reliability at an affordable cost. So who are these providers who are offering the best business broadband deals?


TalkTalk first appeared back in 2003, but it really made headlines in 2010 when it branched off from it’s parent company, Carphone Warehouse, to become a standalone business. Since then, it’s become one of the most prominent business broadband providers in the UK, boasting 35,000 ethernet connections, and 4 million customers. TalkTalk made TechRadar’s ‘best business broadband’ list because it’s such a great option for small startups. 24 month contracts allow businesses to take a couple of years to learn more about their business broadband needs before committing to longer tie ins, and there’s no charge for moving offices, so startups can grow, develop, and change without being penalised for their successes.



XLN was launched in 2002, and yet it’s a business broadband provider that a lot of people have never heard of. Despite this, XLN is on the up and up. In fact, just recently the company was voted one of the top 50 best performing technology companies in the UK, and founder Christian Nellemann was voted CEO of the year. XLN promise that they will always be cheaper than BT on their core services, and uses TalkTalk’s extensive network so their services are available to a large percentage of the country. TechRadar says that XLN makes its list for its unlimited usage, 76 Mbps fibre, and free additional services, such as online security, that can help keep business broadband costs to a minimum for UK businesses.

Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media have been around since 2006, and they actually did something pretty groundbreaking at the time. They were the first UK provider to offer all 4 of the major services: broadband, TV, mobile, and home phone. Today, of course, this is standard, but 10 years ago this was huge, and it helped launch Virgin Media into the spotlight. So what makes Virgin Media one of the best business broadband provider in the UK, according to TechRadar? It’s all about speed! Virgin Media offers businesses some of the fastest speeds available, so you can choose 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, or the impressive 300 Mbps. While not all businesses will need speeds like this, Virgin Media are helping to improve access to these services.


What ‘best broadband provider’ list would be complete without BT? The BT Group was born from the Electric Telegraph Company which means that it’s been around – in one form or another – since 1846. As the most recognisable business broadband provider in the UK, BT’s prices may not always be as competitive as some of the smaller companies, like XLN, but their range of services is arguably second to none. TechRadar praise BT for their dedication to UK businesses, citing a free Microsoft Office 365 licence that was bundled into their Premium Infinity package as a prime example. BT are also the leading provider for leased lines in the UK, which are fast becoming a more attractive option for businesses.

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