Are Your Local Rivals Looking for a Leased Line Online Quote?

The number of businesses across the country who are starting to look for a leased line online quote is rapidly rising, with these dedicated, 1:1 connections expected to trump business broadband within the next few years. Businesses are turning to leased lines for many different reasons, including faster speeds and greater reliability, but just what does the local competition think? Are your local rivals upgrading to leased lines, giving them the edge, or are they happy to stick to an older ADSL broadband connection?
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Who’s Looking for a Leased Line Online Quote?

Although leased lines are becoming more and more popular on a nationwide scale, it is, perhaps, not surprising that leased lines are of particular interest to those in more rural areas, and those working in regions that are becoming notorious for having relatively slow broadband speeds. Slow broadband can have a significant effect on the day-to-day operations of a business, with 83 percent of British businesses claiming that the internet is fundamental, especially for communications, and 74 percent using a fixed broadband installation. This is why so many businesses who struggle with broadband speeds are now browsing the web for a leased line online quote, helping to ensure they’re future-proofing their business.

Although at times it may not seem like it, the UK is exceptionally good at providing businesses with suitable broadband speeds. In fact, the country has the < href=””>highest coverage of superfast broadband within the EU5, beating out France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. However, there are some areas of the UK were upload and download speeds are continuing to be an issue. If your business is located in any of these regions, your competitors may just be looking for a leased line online quote to upgrade their connection.

So just what are the cities with the slowest broadband speeds in the UK?

Hull – 12 Mbps average

Aberdeen – 15 Mbps average

Milton Keynes – 17 Mbps average

Sheffield – 18 Mbps average

Norwich – 19 Mbps average

When compared to some of the fastest cities in the UK, such as Middlesbrough with a 34 Mbps average, and Brighton, with a 33 Mbps average, it’s understandable why a leased line online quote would be of particular interest to businesses within these notoriously slow areas. For comparison, it’s possible to obtain a leased line online quote for the speed of up to 100 Mbps, which is a guaranteed, symmetrical speed meaning that you receive 100 Mbps upload speeds, and 100 Mbps download speeds at all times.

Don’t let slow broadband speeds prevent your business from growing and developing at the anticipated rate. Get a leased line online quote today and see how cost effective it can be to upgrade your internet.

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