The Difference Between Dedicated Internet and Boring Business Broadband

It’s a long time ago, but try and think back to the year 2000. It was a good year, right? The long-awaited Millennium Bridge had to be closed before it catapulted people into the Thames, England embarrassingly lost their first European Championship game to Portugal, and we had a winter that brought us temperatures of -13 degrees. OK… so it wasn’t that great a year, but some good things did happen. We got to laugh at Cherie Blair being caught without a valid train ticket, the naughty girl, the Queen Mother turned 100, and broadband was invented! Remember how excited everyone was about that?

Well, that excitement didn’t last long, did it? Here we are, 15+ years later, and honestly no one really gives two hoots about boring business broadband anymore. Now don’t get us wrong, business broadband is fine. It really is. It meets the needs of a lot of small businesses in the UK, and it gets the job done. But it’s not getting us all hot and sweaty under the collar anymore. It’s just a bit mundane. It’s like that student you always had a crush on at school… right up until when the mysterious new kid turned up.

So who’s the new kid on the block in terms of business internet? It’s the new dedicated internet services, like leased lines, that have reignited that spark and given us something to get worked up over. Dedicated internet means that your connection is uncontended, and you’re not sharing your bandwidth with anyone else. It has a lot of qualities that business broadband doesn’t. Here are some of the differences:

Faster Speeds

Dedicated internet means that your speeds are yours and yours alone no need to share! So if you’re tired of your business broadband slowing to a snail’s pace at 9am every morning without fail, then a dedicated internet connection could be a pretty good solution. Go on, have it all to yourself for a change!

Easier Communications

The faster speeds created by a dedicated internet connection mean that you don’t need to compete with other traffic to share your files with colleagues, or dial in to a voIP call. If you’ve got 2 or more sites, or offer flexible working, this can really help your teams stay in touch, no matter where they are.

Better Customer Experience

Customers expect more from their suppliers than they did in 2000, and bad experiences make their way through the grapevine pretty quickly these days. A dedicated internet connection, which is uncontended (an impressive 1:1 contention ratio), helps to ensure you’re able to communicate with clients effortlessly.

More Options

Businesses today have got to be feeling quite lucky. They’ve got a wealth of choices now for how to manage their day-to- day processes, like storing information in the cloud for added security and easy access. A dedicated internet connection makes it simple to utilise these great new technologies.

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