4 Amazing Facts About Having a Leased Line

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While we are proud of how much we can help a wide range of businesses to find a great deal on a leased line, you might still be wondering why your own company even needs a leased line. It probably doesn’t help that, online, a lot of information about leased lines can be accompanied by an abundance of bewildering jargon. How can you even learn about the merits of a leased line when so many web-based details about one are too confusing to understand?

To address this problem, here is an informative, to-the-point and – yes – easy-to-understand introduction to some of the best reasons to arrange for your company to make use of a leased line.

You don’t need to fear the Internet failing when it’s really needed

If you occasionally come across the frustration of failing internet during casual use of the web in your own home, imagine how much more frustrating that could be in a business environment, where you could urgently need that internet. Should your corporate internet go down at an inconvenient time, it could make the difference between making or missing a vital deadline.

Thankfully, having a leased line can mean saying goodbye to inopportune moments of internet failure. Let’s assume, for example, that you turn to BT for your leased line needs. BT is one of the leased line providers that we can compare with others for you. Now, opt for a BTnet ethernet fibre leased line service and you can benefit from 100% service availability, as BT advertises on its website. Even if you instead choose a BTnet ethernet first mile/generic ethernet access leased line service, you can look forward to service availability of 99.95%.

BT further indicates that it does not implement a fair use policy for either of these services. In other words, you can transfer as much or as little data through your BTnet leased line as you like. But, of course, there are many other companies that you can consider getting a leased line from – and, here at Leased Line Comparison, we can help you to quickly compare such firms as you seek a great deal.

A leased line can allow for super-speedy internet

What’s the next worst thing to internet that doesn’t work? Internet that works slowly, we reckon. Thankfully, that’s also something that you don’t have to worry about when your business uses a leased line. There are several crucial reasons why this is the case…

One is that, as your office will be using its own, private line, you won’t be sharing that line’s bandwidth with any other users and, therefore, can confidently predict how well the Internet will perform. Another big reason is that you can benefit from identical speeds whether you are downloading or uploading. This is another bonus of choosing a BTnet leased line, and it is incredibly helpful for tasks including web hosting, streaming, uploading to the cloud, using VoIP and sharing data files of large sizes. So, rejoice if it is high-resolution photos that you want to share!

A BTnet leased line will also come with an ultra-low latency; to be more specific, a latency under 20ms, measured from one core UK node to another. This kind of latency is essential for applications like VoIP and financial trading, where no millisecond can be wasted.

You can save money by paying only for what you need

Believe it or not, your money can go delightfully far with a leased line, as there’s the option of considerable flexibility with leased line packages. BT, for example, lets you alter your bandwidth to suit seasonal business needs and only pay for the amount of bandwidth you actually require. BT even allows you to change your bandwidth with just 72 hours notice.

Virgin Media Business, another leased line service provider that we can take account of with the comparisons we can carry out for our customers, allows similar flexibility. For example, whether you currently want bandwidth of 30Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s or something in-between, you can order it today and then later flex it as you require. With Virgin, you also don’t need to worry about any nasty financial shocks as you do this, due to all the fixed costs charged up front.

In using the managed leased line internet access that Virgin offers, you can more easily future-proof your company. As your business grows, you could find that your bandwidth needs grow with it – but meeting those needs doesn’t have to be difficult when you are a Virgin Media Business customer.

You can improve your leased line with an array of add-ons

While, in this article, we have cited many common benefits of having a leased line, you could be pleasantly surprised by the extent to which you could use add-ons to improve your leased line service. Looking at what add-ons Virgin Media Business offers, there are – to list just a few examples – security options for keeping viruses and spam at bay; managed authentication services for reducing the risk of losing passwords; and managed services for choosing specific support upgrades.

With Virgin Media Business, you can also arrange for the deployment of a VPN. Otherwise called a virtual private network, this will enable you to connect your workers, remote sites, partners and customers to your network safely. You can choose between IPSec and SSL for connecting your sites.

And then there are the resilience options that Virgin also offers. You can use these to, through the implementation of a backup connection, ensure that you will always have internet access. The backup options available include secondary leased line connections and relatively inexpensive business broadband over a cable modem or FTTC. Plus, if your primary email service falls, an SMTP backup service could provide a secondary mail server for continuing to receive emails.

After reading this article, you have probably gleaned a good idea of the variety of benefits with leased line services. However, by completing the form on the right-hand side for comparing leased line services from different companies, you could find out even more.

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