Understanding the Different Types of Leased Line

We often hear about the benefits of leased lines in the UK – how they’re faster, more reliable, more resilient, and so on when compared to an ADSL business connection. However, when we discuss aspects such as the advantages these connections can bring, we tend to group the different types together as one. The term ‘leased line’, on its own, really doesn’t have much meaning. It’s more of an umbrella term. When we talk about leased lines in the UK, we’re usually referring to one of two types of leased lines that are becoming increasingly popular all across the country, especially with businesses wanting faster speeds, greater flexibility, on generally ‘more’ from their internet connection.

If you hear someone talking about a leased line in the UK, they will likely be referring to either site-to-site data connectivity (sometimes called a ‘point-to-point’ leased line) or site-to-network connectivity.

Site-to-Site Data Connectivity

Site-to-site data connectivity, or a point-to-point leased line, is a high speed, reliable connection between two dedicated points. In many cases, this is between multiple premises belonging to the same parent company. For example, if your business is headquartered in London but has a regional office in Manchester, a point-to-point leased line would connect these two points with a dedicated leased line.

Essentially, the two offices should be able to share information in the same way as two computers on the same network would be able to. It’s like having a network cable that stretches all the way from one office to the other. Site-to-site data connectivity may also be used to connect a business site with an important client’s site to enhance data transfer and boost transfer reliability between the two sites.

Site-to-Network Connectivity

‘Site-to-network’ is a common type of leased line in the UK. Instead of connecting two dedicated points, it directly connects a business to the network with a 1:1, uncontended leased line. This ensures that all employees on the network are able to work with guaranteed upload and download speeds (specified by the business), and that speeds will not be affected based on the number of users or peak time hours.

This type of leased line especially is becoming more and more popular in the UK as it facilitates a more modern, more convenient way of working. Greater upload speeds – which are a common feature of site-to-network leased lines – mean that businesses are able to make the most of VoIP for collaboration and communication, and cloud computing for improved security and data transfer, for example.

Choosing a Leased Line

With many different types of leased line in the UK, it’s important to decide what the best leased line service for your business is. You can do this by entering your details on the right-hand side form. We will be comparing leased line services from all the major providers in the UK to find a solution that works for you and facilitates ongoing business growth.

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