UK IT Managers Outraged Because Of Slow Broadband Downtime Are Moving To Leased Line

When UK IT Managers who visit Leased Line Site official website, they may be surprised to find out that they qualify for fast internet Leased Line Speeds from 30Mbps to 10Gbps starting at £150/month that have big broadband companies on edge.

Thousands of UK’s businesses are using a traditional broadband internet connection that has at least 2 hours of downtime every month averaging in £1,040 monthly revenue loss, not mentioning thousands in lost productivity, angry customers and postponed deadlines.

Little do businesses know that leased line prices have dropped significantly since 2009… So much so that business can have up to 10Gbps upload and download speeds without no downtime. This is a little secret that big broadband companies don’t want you to know. Since Leased line connection isn’t shared with anyone you’re guaranteed to get the same speed that you opted for, same goes upload/download speeds, they will always match too.

QUICK VERSION: Smart IT Managers are seeing if they qualify for large fast internet Leased Line Speeds from 30Mbps to 10Gbps starting from £150/month. There’s absolutely no cost to see if you qualify. Click Here Instantly To See If You Qualify.

It’s like an unfair competitive advantage for many Businesses

This is unknown to many, but services like Leased Line Comparison offer quote comparison from all available providers in your zip code, in this way business can get the best deal, while leveraging competition amongst multiple offers. But large greedy broadband companies don’t want you to know that you are eligible to get faster speeds and bring more revenue by eliminating downtime.

Most businesses don’t know how much downtime they have in a month. What worse broadband providers are not obligated in any way to compensate losses of downtime or prevent it from happening. IT Managers don’t know how much money is actually owed to them in lost revenue.

However, the greedy broadband companies aren’t too happy about this – here’s why:

They don’t want you to know about these fast and reliable leased lines
It’s in their best interest to keep you uninformed about your options
They don’t have to guarantee any upload/download speeds since the connection is shared
You may think that your broadband internet connection provider has your best interest in mind. Rest assured, they do not. They’d rather keep you uninformed about your options. That’s why the pressure is on, time-wise.

Unfortunately, managers are constantly being taken advantage of by misinformation. Not everyone has the time to hire field experts to investigate the industries trends. Thus, large broadband corporations keep piling in profits, while none notices these errors.

Thousands of IT Managers could have access to fast internet speeds, and save an estimate of 90k annual revenue by having no down time, but sadly, most of them think this program is too good to be true. Remember, If you or business partners are using traditional broadband internet connection you can probably get double the speeds with no downtime.. It’s absolutely NO COST to see if you are eligible.
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It’s almost a no-brainer to use Leased Line Service benefits now, while you have first movers advantage. You need to act fast in order to get the best prices against other businesses

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