Switching Your Internet Service Provider: What’s The Worry?

Recent research suggests that, as a nation, we’re so loyal to our internet service provider that we’re more likely to leave our spouse than leave our supplier! Brand loyalty does, of course, have its advantages, but when it comes to business broadband, failing to explore other options could mean we’re preventing ourselves from adopting new technologies — such as leased lines — and we could even be increasing business outgoings, too. So just why are we so shy about seeing what others have to offer?

Brand Loyalty

According to Real Business, the reason we’re so loyal to our internet service provider is simple: it all comes down to fear. Regardless of whether our existing service meets our needs or not, we’re concerned about trying something new. It’s definitely an ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’ type scenario we’re imagining. This is especially true when we’re making the switch from one type of connection to another; changing from standard business broadband to a more advanced, dedicated leased line, for example.

Broadband & Leased Line Comparison

Fortunately, there’s a solution. The introduction of dedicated comparison tools for business services gives us a unique insight into the different packages we can select, helping us to decide whether or not they’d be a suitable alternative to our current service. The Leased Line Comparison tool, for example, gives us detailed information about each available leased line service, including the following:

Cost – did you know that consumers are missing out on £327 million a year in savings?
Speed – Leased line speeds are often available between 10Mb and 100Mb depending on needs
SLA – A benefit of leased lines, highlighting targets your internet service provider must meet

With so much information available to businesses even before they’ve signed on the dotted line, we’re not going into this blind. We have everything we need to be sure we’re making the right decision for our business, meaning there’s never been a better time to start looking at whether we could be enjoying a faster, more reliable service that’s more cost effective in the long term. It’s certainly worth looking into.

Are YOU Making the Switch?

22 percent of British businesses haven’t changed their internet service provider in the past 5 years, which means they could be missing out on new opportunities for growth and development. Switching providers is now quicker and easier than ever before, so why not see what’s out there for you?

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