Point-to-Points: What Do They Do?

Point to point leased lines are pretty popular these days, and if you’ve been browsing the Leased Line Comparison news and knowledge hub then you probably already know what they are. So you’re in luck – we’re not going to bore you by going into fine detail about how a point to point leased line is a private, dedicated connection between two points or offices, and instead, we’ll do something a little different. we’ll talk about something that’s a little bit less clear – exactly what a point-to-point leased line does!

We all know that it’s important to maintain a connection between two offices operated by the same business, but what we can’t always see is how damaging a shoddy connection can be, and how a point to point can help. So we’re here to provide you with a bit more information about the ins and outs of a point to point lines and help you decide if a point-to-point would be the right option for you.

Point to Point Leased Lines

In a nutshell, a point to point leased line:

Maintains Communications

Have you noticed your office getting quieter and quieter? Us too! Flexible working is really popular right now, giving employees the chance to work from other offices if they wish. Watercooler banter just isn’t the same, but flexible working is definitely helping to keep up morale and improve satisfaction in the workplace. With people now working from all over the place, it’s really important to ensure there’s a good connection between offices that need to work together as a team, and a point-to-point leased line does just that it creates a seamless, private connection that removes geographic boundaries.

Boosts Speed

When you choose to use a leased line for your internet connection, you get to choose what speed you’d like usually anywhere between 2 Mbps and 10 Gbps, and it’s no different with point-to-points. You’re in control, you’re in the driver’s seat, and you can select a speed that suits you and ensures that you can transfer files electronically between your sites quickly and easily. And… are you ready for this… it’s symmetrical, too! That means that you get the same speed both ways, so no matter which office is sending and which is receiving, you’ll always get the speeds you want (and speeds you’re paying for!).

Improves Reliability

There’s nothing worse than a colleague asking you what you thought of their work, and having absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. But it happens. And it happens all too often. The problem is unreliable connections that mean files don’t always get to where they’re going, much like our luggage on our last summer holiday! As any good business in the UK knows, reliability is one of the key aspects to success, and point-to-point leased lines can help to ensure that there’s always a reliable connection between the two points. Now if only airlines could use something similar we’d all be happy bunnies!

Promotes Reputation

Social media is a great invention, isn’t it? It means we can maintain friendships with our friends without actually having to make the effort to go out. But there is a downside to social media: people talk! They talk a lot, actually, and unfortunately, one bad experience with a company can spread like wildfire. That’s why it’s never been more important to focus on reputation management. Improved reliability and communications between two offices mean that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing; there’s a reduced risk of miscommunications, helping to keep your clients happy (and quiet!).

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