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Leased Line Feel Test

Your Current Broadband "Up-to" Speed

How much faster would a leased line feel?

Feel Test: What Could YOU Achieve?

Leased lines have the power to provide businesses with upload and download speeds that are typically greater than what can be achieved through a standard business broadband connection. However, when we’re simply looking at the numbers, it can be difficult to picture exactly how much of an impact an upgrade can have. That’s why we’ve come up with some ‘real world’ examples for you to look at.

Broadband v. Leased Line Speeds

First, let’s take a look at what sorts of speeds you can generally expect from each type of connection. While it’s possible to get business broadband with 17Mbps download speeds, and 1Mbps upload speeds, this is really quite slow and not particularly practical for many businesses, especially larger organisations. Most businesses will be on a service where it’s possible to receive up to 76Mbps download, and around 20Mbps upload, but the exact speed received will largely be dependent on your contention ratio. If you’re unsure what speeds you’re currently receiving, our speed checker tool can help you out.

Leased lines are usually available with speeds anywhere between 2Mbps and 10Gbps, with two big differences from business broadband. Firstly, whatever speed you opt for, you’re guaranteed to receive this speed at all times due to the 1:1 contention ratio. Secondly, your upload speed will match your download speed because of the symmetrical connection. If it’s 10Gbps down, it’s 10Gbps up, too.

Picture the Difference

So how does a standard business broadband connection differ from a leased line connection in real world examples? Let’s take a look at how a leased line could boost your day-to-day operations:

  • Files – Downloading a 1GB file with broadband would take around 3 minutes. Not exactly bad, but this download would be instant with a 10Gbps leased line. To upload the same, you’d be looking at around 6 minutes with broadband. Again, this would be instant with a leased line.
  • voIP – While businesses with a 1Mbps upload speed may be able to use basic features on voIP programmes, they would be unlikely to be able to successfully send HD video, or enter into group video chats. Skype recommend at least 8Mbps upload, which is possible with a leased line.
  • Video – At least 20Mbps is recommended for smooth streaming, but 50Mbps is better. Remember that bandwidth is shared between all connected devices, and with other businesses, too. A leased line ensures you’re always receiving these speeds, even at peak usage times.

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