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With broadband speeds increasing and Leased Line costs decreasing the question is raised about which service is better for businesses. The availability of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services are increasing. Their download speeds, of up to 330 Mbps, encroaches on the traditional territory of Leased Lines. Likewise, General Ethernet Access (GEA), a Leased Line that is delivered over FTTP/FTTC technology, lowers the entry cost of a Leased Line.

Fibre Broadband vs. Leased Line

There appears to be a real overlap between the two services. How do you work out which services is better for your business, fibre or Leased Line?

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The UK Government has launched the Broadband Connection Voucher scheme. This programme offers grants of up to £3,000 for small to medium enterprises. The grant covers installation costs to deliver a higher speed Internet connection. Enquire about this scheme via our enquiry forms on the site here

Working out which is best for you, fibre broadband or Leased Line

There are several differences between the two services.
-Broadband services tend to be a fixed cost, wherever you are in the UK (as long as you can get the service).
-The cost of a Leased Line depends on the location of your business premises, the rental costs are distance dependent.
-Broadband services are usually shared with other Internet users in the area, whereas a Leased Line is solely for your business.
-Broadband services tend to be asymmetric, with larger download speeds compared to upload, whereas Leased Lines are usually delivered with symmetrical bandwidth (although can be delivered asymmetrically with more upload speed than download).
-The biggest difference is the cost, Leased Lines can cost five or six times more for the same headline download speeds.


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