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As technology progresses, you can now choose between ISDN, SIP or Hosted for your business voice. They are all as consistent as eachother if you use them correctly and which way you go totally depends on what you need as a company.
ISDN is the digital transmission of voice over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in better voice quality than an analogue phone lines.
Many believe this to be the more stable than SIP/VoIP or Hosted.
SIP is the digital transmission of voice over an internet line or LAN extension and your hardware/PBX remains on site. Often 30-40% savings on line rental and call charges compared with ISDN. Businesses have had problems with SIP consistency previously when using a contended internet line…
remember no bandwidth means no calls. An uncontended leased line takes care of this issue.
Hosted is simply the digital transmission of voice over an internet or LAN extension with no physical phone system in your office.
Your hardware (PBX) is safely on the network provider's core network and you just purchase the phones themselves and pay per seat. This reduces your initial cost and you just pay monthly. You can also save 30-40% on call charges compared with ISDN.
Internet Protocol (IP) telephony involves the application of digital networking technology to create, transmit, and receive telecommunications sessions over computer networks. Internet telephony is commonly known as voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP has proven to be a disruptive technology that is rapidly replacing traditional telephone infrastructure technologies.
IP telephony uses an Internet connection and hardware IP Phones, analog telephone adapters, or softphone computer applications to transmit conversations encoded as data packets. In addition to replacing plain old telephone service (POTS), IP telephony services are also competing with mobile phone services by offering free or lower cost connections via WiFi hotspots. VoIP is also used on private networks which may or may not have a connection to the global telephone network. For more information please visit: