BT may replace ECC’s with £548 set up fee

The results of Openreach’s proposal to remove ECC’s with a £548 standard set up fee will be released soon.

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Openreach stated ‘The proposed change in ECC charging structure is a simple measure that is likely to allow for material improvements in the end-users’ experience of provision of EAD services. We acknowledge that the proposal may have a distributional impact: some CPs or end-users may pay higher ECC than they would have otherwise in the absence of the change while others will pay less. However we think that the positive effects are substantial enough to outweigh these possible drawbacks. On that basis, we believe the proposed change would be objectively justifiable, proportionate and not unduly discriminatory.’

If you’ve encountered large ECC’s with a fibre install that just wasn’t viable, make sure you stay tuned for regular updates!


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