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Check What Services Are Available In Your Area

Our easy to use availability checker is the quickest way to find out if Broadband, Fibre Broadband (FTTC) or Leased Lines are available at your location. Simple pop in your post code and look at what your options are. We can analyise in seconds and show you instant results, without needing anything but your post code!

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Availability Checker: Can I Get Broadband, Leased Line or Fibre Broadband?

Many broadband providers in the UK have posted ‘availability maps’ onto their websites, showing definite ‘hot spot’ and ‘cold spot’ areas to give you a better idea of whether your business could upgrade to a superfast service. Unfortunately, these maps do not always give an accurate representation of the availability for your premises, as availability can vary greatly, even within the same area or region.

What Determines Broadband Availability?

The reason that superfast business broadband is, well, superfast, is because the data is carried over a fibre cable, rather than the traditional copper line. This significantly reduces the transfer speed, so there’s much lower latency when you’re working. However, in order to receive data transfer over a fibre cable, the local exchange that connects to your local cabinet must be fibre-enabled. And not all are.

BT have reported that more than 25 million homes and businesses are within reach of a fibre-enabled exchange. The problem, however, is that it can take around 12 months (or sometimes even more), to prepare an exchange for fibre. This is why superfast services are not currently available to all businesses.

While some street cabinets in your area may be connected to a fibre-enabled exchange, your local cabinet may not be. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange to have superfast services delivered through an alternative exchange as each premises is served from its own fixed distribution point.

Broadband Options By Postcode

The best way to determine what sort of business broadband services are available to you is to use our quick and easy availability checker. All you need to do is enter your business postcode and we’ll do all the hard work for you, checking whether superfast broadband services are available in your area.

If fibre broadband isn’t yet available in your area don’t worry! We’ll look at alternative options, such as leased lines, which may be available to help you to receive the upload and download speeds you need in order for your business to not only operate efficiently and effectively on a day-to- day basis, but also make it easier for your business to grow and develop in the future. We’ll even help you to find the best deal on a broadband alternative like a leased line, helping you to upgrade while still sticking to a budget.

Compare leased line providers with us today to find a supplier, and a package, that suits your business.

Availability Checker: Are You in a Connectivity Hot Spot or Cold Spot?

Superfast business broadband is the hot topic on everyone’s lips, but what does ‘superfast’ really mean? Well, there’s actually no ‘official’ definition, although Ofcom defines superfast business broadband as a connection that’s able to deliver download speeds of 24Mbps or more. BT Infinity was one of the first widespread superfast services in the UK, rolling out in 2009, but unfortunately services like this are not available to all businesses. This is especially true for businesses located in connectivity ‘cold spots’.

Am I in a ‘Hot Spot’ or ‘Cold Spot’?

It’s easy to think that large cities would be ‘hot spots’, and more rural areas would be ‘cold spots’, and to a certain extent this is true. However, it’s not always the case. In fact, BT themselves say that while rural areas are typically tricky due to distances from the cabinet and rugged terrain, some urban centres can be equally as troublesome. This is because of busy streets where it is challenging to work, and cramped, historic areas with conditions that do not easily lend themselves to the installation of a new network.

To find out if your business is in a connectivity hot spot or cold spot, use our handy availability checker to see whether or not superfast services have been enabled in your area. It only takes seconds to check!

Thinking About the Future

If our broadband availability checker suggests that superfast services are not currently available in your area, don’t panic. The government has stated that they aim to have fibre available to 95 percent of the country by the end of 2017. You may be wondering what happens for the last 5%. A good question!

If your business is located in an area that is unlikely to have fibre services available in the future, there are still a number of options available. The first option is to wait and see what happens. BT have entered into what it calls ‘community fibre partnerships’ where they create plans for cold spot areas alongside the local communities to achieve the most effective solutions for businesses located within the area.

Another option is to take charge, and put matters into your own hands. If superfast broadband isn’t available, it may be possible to install a leased line that provides a dedicated connection for your business alone. You’ll benefit from symmetrical upload and download speeds, and won’t need to share your bandwidth with other businesses. Leased lines are becoming more affordable, and are well worth looking into as a business broadband alternative, especially if you work in a non fibre enabled region.

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