76Mbps Broadband vs 100Mbps Leased Line

BT have made headlines recently for increasing the speed of their BT Business Infinity connections from 38Mbps to 76Mbps for 46,000 customers across the UK. While this does, of course, come as great news to many businesses who may have been struggling with slow speeds, for some this still isn’t the solution they’ve been looking for. Even with a 76Mbps connection, there are still a few lingering concerns:


The first concern is that while this may well be an excellent 76Mbps fibre connection, it is still a broadband connection at the end of the day. This means that the connection will still share the same restrictions and limitations of slower broadband connections. This includes potential downtime due to factors beyond your control, and bandwidth sharing across multiple users and even multiple companies.

Advertised Speed

During the past few months, Ofcom have been on a mission to educate businesses about the ‘speed gap’; the discrepancies that occur between an internet service provider’s advertised speeds, and the speeds that will actually be received at the premises. A 76Mbps broadband connection means that the line is capable of carrying 76Mbps, and may not be indicative of the actual speed of your connection.


A further concern is latency. Latency refers to the delay between a command being given, and a response being received, with lower latency being preferred. A 76Mbps fibre broadband connection may have relatively high latency, which can cause problems for some industries. This is especially true for financial traders whose tasks are very time sensitive. Faster speed doesn’t always mean lower latency.

Speed Comparison

A 76Mbps connection is very good, and should theoretically suit most businesses, even those with greater needs, but the above concerns do make the reality of this less exciting that it seems. Although there is technically little difference between a 76Mbps and a 100Mbps connection, there is a significant difference when you compare the realities of 76Mbps fibre broadband to a fast 100Mbps leased line.

A 100Mbps leased line provides exactly what it says: 100Mbps down, and 100Mbps up. As this is a dedicated connection between a business and the leased line ISP, there is no bandwidth sharing, unmatched uptime, and ultra low latency suitable for any industry or sector. So while a 22Mbps difference may not seem much, when you delve deeper a 100Mbps leased line is the clear winner.

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