100Mb Leased Lines – Who needs them?

100Mb Leased Lines – Who needs them?

So you have decided to get a fibre leased line and gather some quotes together – brilliant! We would love to help you get some prices together. As mentioned in our previous blog that can vary by huge amounts based on bandwidth.

Our most popular request for a comparison is for a 100Mb Leased Line. While many providers are happy selling 100Mb leased line to a businesses that use an average of 10Mb, we are here to save your company money so today we explore who would really need 100Mb Leased Line and how you can work out your bandwidth requirements.

100Mb Leased Lines – Who needs them?

The first thing you have to think about is what you use your internet for – How data heavy is your business use? Generally speaking graphic designers, for example, are an industry that use a particularly large amount of bandwidth due to the fact they have to upload a lot of high definition files and use various internet based applications. Whereas companies that only use the internet for general browsing and e-mails are less likely to need a large bandwidth like a 100Mb leased line.

Another thing to consider is how many users you have on at each time. Obviously and office of 10 will need far less bandwidth than an office of 100.

One of the best ways to know if you need a 100Mb leased line is to understand what you are currently using. Many providers will be able to give you a free bandwidth monitoring tool so first point of contact would be to get that installed, at least for a few weeks.If that tells you your business uses say 23Mb average you know its probably worth getting a quote on say 30Mb and 40Mb rather than 100Mb Leased Line.

There are also a lot of bandwidth calculators to help you on-line. The one we found that we like is from bandwidth pool and can be found by following this link.

Once you know what you need give us a call on 01923 510357 to get you the best price.

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